Online Bidding


Williams Auction Works uses the HiBid portal to host our online auctions.  In order to bid online, you need to register with HiBid.  Registering is easy.  When you view one of our auctions online and you click to bid on our site, you will automatically be directed to the their site for the live bidding. Just click on the “LOGIN IN/NEW BIDDER” button and set up an account with a username and password and enter a credit card for verification.  Please ensure that their are no errors in the mailing address for the credit card that you are using. It must be exactly correct in order to process properly.  When you register, HiBid will place a temporary $1.00 charge on your account.  Once you have an account with HiBid, you can register to bid on any auction with a few clicks as it will store your account information securely.


Please read the auction terms and removal dates to be sure that they are acceptable to you.  When you bid, you are agreeing to those terms and conditions.

Placing a bid is as easy as entering the amount that you would like to pay. You may place a proxy bid, which is the highest amount that you are willing to pay for an item.  This amount is not visible to anyone but you.  If you are bidding and automatically outbid, it is because someone else has placed a bid that is higher than what you entered.  Proxy bids work well if you have intermittent or slow internet and cannot respond quickly.  Once you place a proxy bid, you will be high bidder unless someone bids higher than the amount that you entered.  Proxy bids also ensure that you can be away from an auction when it is ending and still have “your hat in the ring”.


You will automatically receive notifications or an email if you are outbid on an item.  But, remember, the speed of that email might be delayed if you do not have an auto-check setting on your email or if you have slow internet service. 

You will not receive notice if another bidder ups the bid while you have a proxy bid.  If you find you are getting too many emails from Hibid, You can modify your preferences click on your name and choose “Manage Searches & Email” to change the settings.